Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clippers management made Elton Brand feel insecure

Elton Brand surprisingly signed with the Philadelphia 76ers and was introduced today to the media. Afterwards he spoke of things that fell apart with the Clippers on ESPN, but wasn't asked to elaborate by Chris McKendry. Later in the day Brand's agent, David Falk, told the LA Daily News what happened.
``We were told, mid-afternoon on Monday June 30, that offer was on the table,'' Falk said. ``And it was explained to us that Coach Dunleavy, who acts as the quasi-general manager in L.A., had really gone to the mat on Elton's behalf and was able to get a certain amount of money from the owner, and I believe he did. Mike explained that the owner realy wasn't comfortable with the offer and that if Elton turned the offer down, he'd be just as happy as if he'd accepted it.

``I think that what you want when you're a franchise player... you want to feel that you're wanted by the team... They basically told us that the owner was unavailable to discuss the offer any further and it was basically accept it or don't accept it." (Source)

Brand has gotten a lot of heat for this whole thing, with the "promise" that he would resign in LA and then quickly bolting to Philly. But this isn't an unprecedented move and it shouldn't really come as a shocker that the Clippers would do something stupid.

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