Monday, July 14, 2008

CBS wises up, replaces Packer with Kellogg

You probably already heard by now that CBS has decided to drop Billy Packer from its broadcasting team. He will be replaced by Clark Kellogg in the booth next to Jim Nantz.

Here's a clip of the guys from Mike & Mike discussing the news:

This is a good move by CBS. It shows that maybe the big media heads are realizing that as the sport changes, the broadcaster may have to change too. Billy Packer was making historical references to "the day" during high-pressure moments at the end of games in this year's tournament. He, like so many other 60-something analysts, wish the game was played like it used to be, with no three-point line and short shorts.

Plus, Packer came off like an arrogant jerk and didn't mind throwing a sexist/racist comment out there every now and then just to hammer his point across.

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