Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tiger steals Rocco's thunder

I said to my father, on this Father's day today, that I was amazed with Tiger Woods but thought that Rocco Mediate was getting lost in the shuffle. He's a likable guy who seems to have fun with the game and everyone on tour loves him. He's also 45 and has never won a major. He'll probably get a little more press now that he's squaring off with Woods tomorrow in an 18-hole playoff for the US Open title. The story of the day and what everyone will be talking about was how Tiger roared back (overused phrase alert!) and forced the tiebreaker.
Tiger wasn't all that spectacular for most of the final round and even had thrown his club in disgust two shots before this putt. But he got it done, with the bad knee, and will go one-on-one with Mediate. I would guess that Woods will take this one, but Mediate will have a lot of fans rooting for him tomorrow. When asked about that today, Rocco jokingly said he would probably need their help.

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