Monday, June 9, 2008

Pete Abe bashing the blogosphere?

There's an interesting situation developing in the blogosphere, more specifically the Yankees blogosphere. The good folks at NoMaas were conducting their live draft blog last week during MLB's first year player draft when they received a few negative comments. After some research from the NoMaas team, they discovered it was none other than Peter Abraham, the Yankees beat writer for the Journal News. The guys at NoMaas have the story about it on the main page right now, and obviously it's hard to pick a side when you've only heard the story from one of the parties, but this seems journalistically "bush league" if it's true. Abraham does seem to constantly be monitoring the comments on his own blog and always writes with a bit of an air of superiority. But to be at an average, non-newspaper-backed blog and posting snarky comments is kind of immature. In one of his comments, the alleged Pete Abe says, "No offense, “Lane” but you won’t even use your real first name on the information you provide. Yet you are presented as some sort of expert. What credentials do you have? It’s hard to trust anything on the internet, much less from somebody who’s pretending he’s a character in a cheesy movie." Wow. Abraham is already turning into a grumpy old sportswriter, mad at someone for blogging about a sport they've never played... kind of like Abraham. He says you can't trust what you read on the internet, but writes for the internet. This should get interesting in the coming weeks.

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Ross said...

This is just one of many run-ins that bloggers have had with Abraham recently. He thinks he is the alpha male of Yankee bloggers and tried to throw his weight around (no pun intended). Check out my blog archives for some more of his shenanigans.