Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Manuel's Mets look a lot like Willie's

There's been a lot of rumbling lately that the firing of Willie Randolph may have also had to do with Jose Reyes. He and the coach didn't see eye-to-eye for the last few years, mostly because Randolph wanted Reyes to tone down his celebrations and hustle. How dare he! Wallace Matthews chimes in with more on this situation, saying that Jerry Manuel is taking over the same team of primadonnas that Willie had. Here's the video of Jose's mini-tantrum that Matthews speaks of.
Admittedly that tantrum wasn't as bad as it was made to be in the papers, but you can still see Reyes whining and sulking his way through the dugout, not accepting any of the players high-fives, basically acting like a little leaguer. It makes you think that maybe Wallace is right.

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