Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cowboys looking to acquire... everyone

ESPN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is interested in trading for WR Joe Horn of the Atlanta Falcons. Dallas is currently in the midst of a contract dispute with WR Terry Glenn and wants a bona fide number two receiver to pair with Terrell Owens. I'm not sure, though, if Horn is really even a bona fide number three right now.

Anyway, the 'Boys have already traded for Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones, even though he is still suspended. Jerry Jones continues his tradition of bringing in high character guys with that move. Dallas has also been linked to Detroit receiver Roy Williams, Arizona's Anquan Boldin and the perpetual "mouth" Chad Johnson.

I guess it's the same in baseball, where anyone who could be traded might end up with the Yankees, because of their history of acquiring big names and their financial power. The same can be said for the Cowboys.

But honestly, Jerry, you were 13-3 last year with just Barber, Romo and TO. You've gotten better. Stop trying to take over the football world.


JV said...

I saw your Mom at the Grand Union this morning and she told me about your blog.
I wonder if she knew that the first thing I would see would be something about the Cowboys.
She also told me she didn't have anything to do with Todd Appley's nephew telling me that the Cowboys stink.
Anyway, it's good to see what your up to.
Best of luck,
Jerry Vernold

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