Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 NBA Draft: Second-round thoughts

Not a lot of big-time, shocking picks here but there were a few I thought were notable:

- I was a little surprised that Patrick Ewing Jr. went 43rd overall to the Kings. I think he'll be a good bench player and will be a nice addition, but everyone talked as though he would be a free agent signing and not even be drafted.

- I liked Joey Dorsey winding up in Portland. The Blazers already have Lamar Aldridge and Greg Oden, so adding Dorsey will beef up the frontcourt.

- I thought the Nets had an exceptional day all the way around. They had a nice first-round and made a good trade today, then added Chris Douglas-Roberts in the second round. With Jefferson gone, I would think Vince Carter will play more small forward, with Marcus Williams, Devin Harris and CDR to rotate through at the guard spot.

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