Monday, May 26, 2008

Will Willie Last?

It's been a tumultuous week for Willie Randolph. Not only did he have a spat with SNY and some controversial comments reported by Ian O'Connor, but the Mets went 1-6 on their recent road trip. Today, he's in New York meeting with owners Jeff and Fred Wilpon, presumably to either figure out how to fix this mess or end Willie's tenure in orange and blue. I really don't think all of this is Willie's fault but things just aren't working well at Shea. Clearly these Metropolitans are still suffering a hangover from last year's monumental collapse. And you can't blame Willie for Carlos Delgado's putrid average or Johan Santana's less-than-ace-like-performance. I still think, though, that Randolph will be done soon in New York, perhaps as early as today. He was already walking on fragile and shaky ground, and I don't think his comments - whether you agree or disagree - helped the matter.

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