Monday, May 5, 2008


ESPN is really spending a lot of time focusing on college football here in the first week of May. Regardless, all of this talk has got me thinking about the current BCS system, which will be in effect until the 2014-15 season. I've always thought that at least a four-team playoff was the way to go, with an eight-team version as my real preference. I really don't see why not. If college athletes at Division II and III schools - the ones that presumably need to earn their degrees or else - can handle the rigors of a football playoff system during final exams and through winter break, then why can't players at the D1 level? Guys like Tim Tebow aren't exactly nervous about their next Basketweaving 101 exam. That's not to say that all athletes are morons or take really easy classes, but they know that they have another talent that can get them much more financially than getting a Communications degree and working in Sales at a newspaper, for instance. (See: Tony Arnoldine) Aside from that, it would make for an incredibly exciting holiday season and probably more money for the NCAA. And we would finally be able, just like in college basketball, crown a real - no debate involved - National Champion.

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