Saturday, May 10, 2008

Joba Being Joba

This whole Joba Chamberlain fist-pump controversy is getting a little out of hand. I don't understand why everyone wants him to not show emotion. Sure, he shouldn't have been crying like a little leaguer in the dugout after giving up a game-costing three run homer the other night. And maybe he shouldn't pump his fist so emphatically during games in May. But this is the culture of sports now. It's what lets Dikembe Mutombo wag his finger after blocking a shot. It's what lets Jon Papelbon do a Braveheart-like scream after retiring the side. It's what lets Chad Johnson dance like Michael Flatly after a touchdown. I'm not condoning those actions, but it's sports, it's entertainment. These are grown men playing kid's games. How do we expect them not to show emotion, whether it be over-the-top or not? When someone makes a great play and shows too much emotion, the media kills them for it. When someone makes a bonehead play and doesn't show emotion or regret, the media kills them for it. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in that? The bottom line is that sports just should not be taken that seriously. I know it's a big money industry and a business, but sports is an escape from the serious issues of life. So I don't care if Joba pumps his fist. I don't care if Manny Ramirez pulls out a pair of binoculars to watch his next home run. The way to make them stop is to shut them up on the field. Manny knows that he's liable to get plunked after he showboats at the plate, but he doesn't care, it's "Manny Being Manny." Joba knows he faces repercussions, too, but that's how he plays the game. And we need to always remember that it is just that; a game.

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