Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chris Henry Can Only Play Football

Chris Henry was granted permission to leave the state of Ohio to attend tryouts with other NFL teams today by Hamilton County Judge Richard Bernat. Henry will be released from electronic monitoring and house arrest. The judge said, "We're willing to give him some latitude given the fact that he obviously needs to find some employment." I understand that Henry's line of work is football, but there's no other employment he could get than in the game? If he needs a job, I'm sure there is a McDonald's or Burger King somewhere in Cincinnati that would hire him. Maybe he could wait tables? Sure, he is a football player. That's all he's ever been, it's all he's ever known. But to say that there is nothing else that a football player could possibly do to earn a living is demeaning to intelligent athletes who earned their college degrees. Someone like Chris Henry, who has attended college and graduated high school, can certainly find some employer willing to hire them, even with his past criminal history. There are millions and millions of Americans living very happy lifestyles on incomes that are pocket change to NFL players. Basically what the judge is saying here is that the only job Chris Henry can do is football. He can't work construction. He can't be a cashier at a convenience store. He can't get a job as a custodian. He can't do anything but play football. And that's ridiculous. Even Pacman Jones was able to land a wrestling gig.

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