Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yankees Live Blog: Pre-Game

Finally, after a rain out, the Yankees are in the midst of the final opening day in the history of this Yankee Stadium. Here's some thoughts from the early going: - The guy singing the National Anthem really got off pitch in the middle. Horribly off pitch. Then he took about eight seconds to correct it, slowly sliding up through all the other bad pitches on the way to the right one. - Alex Rodriguez got one of the louder ovations from the crowd during the pre-game introductions. It's not exactly surprising since he was the MVP, but it's further proof that he might have finally won the Yankees Faithful over. Mike Mussina got a loud "moose" call so perhaps the fans are going to give him a mulligan for last year. Andy Pettitte got a nice response from the crowd too, which is expected, but some might have wondered how people would feel after the HGH issue. - Paul O'Neill is in the announce booth, thankfully. O'Neill is one the better analysts in the YES stable. I just wish they could swap Michael Kay for John Sterling. Or Gus Johnson. I'm sure he could do it. Could you imagine his home run calls? You think Sterling is over the top, Johnson would be screaming for a Johnny Damon second-inning home run in May. It's all good, though. Gus is one of the best. - I like the patches on each sleeve that the Yankees are wearing. One commemorating the All-Star Game being at the stadium this year and the other to celebrate the last year in Yankee Stadium. - I'm saying this now, before the game starts, but I don't think Jason Giambi is going to be as much of a risk at first base as everyone thinks. Sure he isn't a great fielder, but a lot of first basemen aren't. His biggest issue is that he can't throw very well but that doesn't often come up. It's a risk worth taking to get his bat in the lineup and be able to also use Hideki Matsui at the DH, since Johnny Damon has supplanted himself as the every day left fielder. The game's starting. That will end the pre-game live blog.

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