Saturday, April 26, 2008

When Jeremy Shockey Goes Marching In

My gut feeling - and hope - is that the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants will trade Jeremy Shockey at some point today as we head into the 2008 NFL Draft. I've been a supporter of the "Trade the Disgruntled Tight End" movement since rumors started flying days after the G-Men knocked off the then-undefeated Patriots. FOX's Jay Glazer is reporting, as of 10:30 this morning, that a deal between the Saints and Giants is inching closer to completion. The deal would be Shockey for the Saints 2nd rounder this year and either their 2008 6th round pick or the 2009 5th round pick. My feeling is that Shockey is almost an outsider. The fans certainly will treat him differently, knowing that the Giants won it all without a playmaking tight end. Some even prefer Kevin Boss as the starter. I don't know if Boss is all that everyone is saying he is but can probably do the job. Shockey never comes to the summer workouts to work with Eli Manning and get timing and routine down. Contrast that with Plaxico Burress playing through an ankle-injury all season and it makes you think Shockey might have lost some of the respect of his teammates as well. At one point, Shockey said he wasn't sure if he would even go to the Super Bowl and be with his teammates. It's mostly a character issue. Shockey isn't the type of guy that wants to fit in and do what is right. He wants the attention, he wants to pump his chest after catching a ball even though he dropped the last four, he wants to spike the ball after an eight yard gain. That's not what the Giants need. Jeremy Shockey is still one of the top five best tight end's in the NFL, don't get me wrong, but he's never played in all 16 games in a season. Add these injury concerns with all the other things and it seems like an easy trade.

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