Monday, April 21, 2008

Campaign Strategy #371: Cut a Wrestling Promo!

Here's the video footage of the three presidential candidates cutting wrestling-style promos on WWE's Raw. If you're one of those people who hates everything about wrestling, it must really show you what clowns all politicians are. I mean, how can you take them seriously after hearing Hillary Clinton refer to herself as "Hill-Rod," and being asked if you smelled what Barack was cooking? "McCain-iacs?!" And you know they did about $2 million worth of research to decide if this was beneficial for their candidates and what their projected numbers would be afterward. I'm one of the people that realizes wrestling is just entertainment, and a very popular form, but I still think this is ridiculous. I remember a few years back when The Rock was at the Republican National Convention, Wolf Blitzer was on CNN trying to pick apart everything he said just because he was a wrestler. He also happens to be an articulate college graduate who is an actor, just like Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn. People seem to actually care what they say, so why not listen to The Rock? The point is that most political types are very uppity. Their noses are much too high in the air to look down upon the peons that watch wrestling and consider them important voters. Maybe they are finally realizing that not every wrestling fan is a backwoods hillbilly who knows nothing and only likes to see sweaty men beat each other up. Having said all that, this video either strengthens the credibility of wrestling or weakens the credibility of our next American president.

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