Sunday, April 6, 2008

NCAA Final Not So Shocking

- No one would have thought the final of this year's NCAA tournament would feature Memphis and Kansas. No one, except this guy. I just wanted to take a second to brag that I correctly picked that situation in my "Tony Arnoldine (B)" bracket and will be rooting hard for Memphis on Monday night to take me all the way to victory. As I had been saying to all the doubters who thought I knew nothing about basketball and just picked four number ones, Memphis played a really tough out-of-conference schedule that included wins against UConn, Georgetown, Oklahoma, Arizona, USC, and Gonzaga - all tournament teams. just because they play in a poor conference doesn't mean they are terrible. It's the same debate as we've heard with the Boise State's and Utah's of college football; you have to play against the teams in the conference you are in and you can't control how good or bad they are. - Newsday's Alan Hahn is back after the birth of his second child with an article articulating what every New York fan is thinking: Patrick Ewing needs to be a part of next year's Knicks coaching staff. Look at the job he has done in both Houston and Orlando, with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, respectively. That's exactly what the Knicks need, assuming they keep either of Zach Randolph or Eddy Curry around. Although I don't know if even Tony Robbins could motivate Curry. (Or is he Anthony Robbins now?) Ewing has wanted to be a Knicks coach for some time now and why not let one of the greatest players in your franchise's history be a part of the team? If nothing else, it will restore some faith in the fans.

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