Tuesday, April 8, 2008

March Badness

I was saying to people during this year's NCAA Tournament that it just wasn't that exciting to me for some reason. Possibly because my beloved Syracuse Orange(men) failed to make the field of 65 and I had lost some interest before it even started. While watching it, though, I saw a tournament filled with one-sided wins and few entertaining games. Last night's Championship game redeemed some of the tourney's value, but overall it wasn't very exciting. I vaguely remember watching "Scrubs" instead of some of the Thursday night games. That's no knock on "Scrubs," either. I'm just saying, entertaining basketball will always win over any other program. Unfortunately, hoops didn't win this time around. Neil Best blogged today on Watchdog that perhaps more Americans agreed with me. The ratings for this year's "Big Dance" were the second-lowest ever.

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