Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LaTroy Hawkins Can't Handle Peer Pressure

New York Yankees reliever LaTroy Hawkins has heard enough of the fans heckling over his choice of uniform number. He's decided to switch from Paul O'Neill's former number 21 to 22, something many Yankees fans will like. I believe after one performance last week I even said sarcastically, "Yeah, this guy's worthy of O'Neill's number." I know Yankees fans catch some flack for loving the former right fielder too much, but the guy stood for the passion that the "dynasty" teams were about. Not that smashing water coolers is necessary but he's an admired Yankee who played with the franchise longer than Reggie Jackson, whose number 44 is hanging behind the left field wall at Yankee Stadium. And O'Neill was pretty good, too.

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