Monday, April 14, 2008

John Flaherty is Making Me Uncomfortable

Tonight's YES Network broadcast team for the Rays vs. Yankees matchup was Ken Singleton and John Flaherty. Usually when these two pair up, Singleton handles the play-by-play duties and Flaherty is the wingman, providing analysis and color commentary. But tonight it seemed like after the first inning, Singleton was letting Flaherty try the play-by-play and it just seemed awkward. Flaherty should not be the one in charge of carrying the broadcast, which is essentially what the PBP guy has to do sometimes. Singleton kept trying to help but when Flaherty was on his own, it was like watching a bad college station. Not my alma mater's CSTV, of course. Flaherty showed no emotion and sounded almost comical at times. I never thought I'd say I missed Michael Kay's verbal wizardry.

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