Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the NBA, a Demotion Doesn't Mean a Pay Cut

The fate of Isiah Thomas was finally delivered Friday by new Knicks team president Donnie Walsh. Thomas will stay with the organization as an adviser to Walsh, though he does not have an official title. That is almost as embarrassing as just being axed; you have the shame of being around the organization that you helped destroy in a much smaller and less meaningful capacity. Honestly, how much weight is Isiah's opinion on trades going to hold with Walsh? Judging by Thomas' past, I don't think very much. Everyone knows that even though Walsh has full control and reports only to James Dolan, this was the owner's wish. It makes sense to keep him around in some way just so he can finish out the contract. The Knicks, historically, haven't been shy about terminating people and still paying them. (See: Shandon Anderson, Larry Brown) This time Dolan must figure if he's got to pay the guy anyway, make him at least do something. Thomas will probably be kept out of the spotlight and won't do anything to breach the contract. It's easy money for him. Plus, he will be a good scout of young talent, giving his opinion to Walsh and his crew, then Walsh will do what he chooses with that information. Hopefully he won't be fooled like the rest of us have been by Isiah.

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