Monday, April 7, 2008

Honeymoon in Memphis

I'm not the type of person to start something and not finish it. Unless that thing is cleaning my apartment or doing laundry. Anyway, I wrote in an earlier post about the "Sitcom Madness" tournament being conducted by the good people at Pet Rock: The Pop Culture Blog. Said tournament is now in its final, just like the NCAA Tourney that concludes tonight with Memphis and Kansas squaring off. The Sitcom championship pits "The Honeymooners" against "All in the Family." I honestly thought "Seinfeld" would make it. Honeymooners, you ask? But wasn't that show only on for 39 episodes? Yes, it was, but it's considered by many as a show that helped set the standard for American television comedy. Or at least that's what Wikipedia told me. Maybe this analogy is a stretch, but is this similar to having a weak in-conference schedule? Are Memphis and "The Honeymooners" one in the same because despite that they battled larger foes outside of that conference. I guess, in this case, the television conferences would be CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. And I also guess that FOX would be equal to Conference USA, which throws a small wrench into this analogy since "the 'Mooners" aired on CBS. Regardless, Jackie Gleason and Company were up against the Perry Como Show, the eventual reason the show got canceled. Derrick Rose and Company, as you've already read here, beat brand name colleges with good squads like Georgetown, UConn, and Oklahoma. But can Memphis conquer their "Perry Como" tonight against the Jayhawks?

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