Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Greg Anthony: Mark Jackson High on Walsh's List

We learned a lot from Greg Anthony today on ESPN's First Take while he was discussing the future of the Knicks. When asked who the next head coach should be, Anthony said Mark Jackson. He went on to explain all the intangibles Jackson would bring and his close relationship with Donnie Walsh. Skip Bayless, providing his counterpoint, suggested that Anthony himself should coach the Knicks and told GA that he would be a better coach than "Action" Jackson because he would preach defense. Anthony then revealed that he would prefer not to be an "out-front guy," instead wishing to be in a general managing capacity. The former point guard then said that he had spoken to Walsh and Jackson was high on the Knicks list. A lot of intriguing information there. Is it Greg Anthony making a sales pitch for himself to Donnie Walsh? Or does Anthony just know more than we think?

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