Sunday, April 13, 2008

From Around the Web

Back after a short hiatus, grab your board and let's go surfing around the world wide web. Here's what's in the news and the blogosphere on this Sunday afternoon. - I'm not going to mention how Johan Santana, the Mets ace, is 1-2 with a 3.05 ERA and Chien-Ming Wang, the Yankees ace, is 3-0 with a 1.25 ERA. Oh wait, I just did. Anyway, the media, especially SNY, was eager to discuss whether or not Wang was an ace after the Mets acquired Johan, often saying that CM Wang wasn't. But Wang looks different this year, striking out more and not relying so much on the defense around him to make plays. Yes, it's very early in the season and I'm assuming Santana will come around and Wang will get roughed up here and there. We thought Barry Zito would come around last year, though, and we're all still waiting. After Santana was boo'ed when he left the game yesterday, he said of the fans, "If they boo, that's fine. That's the history they've got from not being so good, I guess." That quote alone just made me like him again. - The infamous "shirt" was removed from the concrete at the new Yankee Stadium construction site. The Yankees denied that the shirt ever got put in the concrete in the first place, but today it was removed after workers pinpointed where the burial spot was. The Yankees will donate the shirt for charity auction and are considering a lawsuit against he worker. That seems a little harsh, but they did have to go out of their way to remove the shirt. Can they convict on terms of superstition in the court of law? - Newsday's Ken Berger has a look at what it will take for the Knicks to land LeBron James when he becomes a free agent. This shows how pathetic the Knicks are when we're looking to the summer of 2010 already. Berger also asserts that the Nets will be another appealing option to LBJ if the team's move to Brooklyn is set by then. And don't forget about Bron Bron's relationship with Nets part-owner Jay Z. Then again, LeBron has the world in his hands in Cleveland and might choose to stay there. - Speaking of the Knickerbockers, the New York Post's Marc Berman is reporting that assistant coach Herb Williams is likely the only one who will survive the impending changes that Donnie Walsh will bring. Williams has always been a favorite of Knicks fans, James Dolan and Walsh, and is even being considered as the next head coach. Berman reports Mark Jackson has emerged as the front-runner, which I would like but don't know if there's any evidence out there to support that.

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