Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cortland to Host Anucha

My alma mater, SUNY Cortland, will be hosting a former member of the New York Knicks organization who will address the students at the Sport Management Awards Ceremony on May 1st. No, not Isiah Thomas. It's the woman he sexually harassed, Anucha Browne-Sanders. Aside from working in sport management with the Knicks, IBM (not sure how much sports related marketing they're doing, but okay) and currently at the University at Buffalo, Browne-Sanders was also two-time Big Ten Player of the Year at Northwestern. The ceremony is put together by my former professor Dan DePerno who taught me in - believe it or not - Fantasy Sports & Video Games, an online summer session course. Though almost everyone knows Browne-Sanders from the sexual harassment case, she is a relevant figure to have speak to the Sports Management program. She is an African-American woman who has held prominent positions in her field, which is dominated by white men - like most other fields. She can share some of her experiences and insight with young adults about the embark on a similar voyage.

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