Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Candace Parker is Having a Better-Than-Average Few Days

The WNBA Draft was held today and Candace Parker was the #1 overall selection by the Los Angeles Sparks. Yes, that Candace Parker that led the Tennessee Volunteers to their second-straight Women's National Title last night. I know this is nothing new, but it's still so odd that they conduct the draft right after the final. Couldn't they wait a week or so, just to let the players kind of bask in the glory of their huge victory? And speaking of Parker, how silly did she look last night wearing a long sleeve tee-shirt underneath her jersey? Was it cold in there? I've always hated when guys wear a t-shirt under their uniform, especially the extra baggy ones. Sleeveless undergarments are okay, like the Under Armour ones that are just a little wider at the shoulder than the uniform. But the long sleeve tee is reminiscent of when Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade started wearing black tights a few years back. Whether there's an actual reason for it or not, it just looks out of place. Now I sound like a grumpy old sportswriter who thinks things should always be the way they were back in "the good old days."


Anonymous said...

She wore a long sleeve shirt to keep her muscles warm and to hide a big ugly brace because she dislocated her shoulder a couple of games before.

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