Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 NFL Draft Recap

The first two rounds of the NFL Draft came and went on Saturday. Here's my thoughts: - I was surprised that the Patriots took Jerod Mayo at #10 overall, especially when he was picked in some mock drafts to go to the Giants at #31. Thought that one was a little bit of a stretch. - I realized that Matt Ryan and Ryan Leaf are decent lookalikes. Bob Glauber agrees. I'm looking for good pics and that one will be up soon. - Brian Brohm to Green Bay might be an indication as to how they feel about Aaron Rodgers in Wisconsin. - The Dolphins scooped up Chad Henne, which I thought was a good move. Who knows what you have with John Beck? It's also a low cost gamble because he was drafted late in the second round. The same could be said for Brohm. - I was hoping the Saints wouldn't be the ones making the pick at #40, wishing that they made a trade for Jeremy Shockey. Apparently New Orleans' offer wasn't good enough to pry the 4-time Pro-Bowler away from the Giants. - Washington had a nice first two rounds, taking WR's Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly and TE Fred Davis. Washington Post blogger Jason La Canfora doesn't agree. - Really thought the Giants would take Dan Connor at #63 overall, but instead went with USC CB Terrell Thomas. They definitely need the secondary help, so this was a good pick. Maybe they think Connor will fall all the way to the end of the third?

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