Sunday, March 30, 2008


WrestleMania XXIV came and went Sunday night, with Undertaker extending his streak to 16-straight wins and Ric Flair's career ending. To me the match that stole the show was the Money in the Bank ladder match. I was a little disappointed at CM Punk winning but it sets him up to eventually challenge for the ECW Title, which Kane won from Chavo Guerrero in a match that was over before I could flip back from the Braves/Nats game on ESPN. The MITB match was one of the more creative ladder matches in a long time, with more inventive use of the ladders than ever before. John Morrison did a moonsault to a group of three guys on the outside while holding a ladder. Chris Jericho did a crazy stretch submission on top of the ladder. Shelton Benjamin took a fall from the top of the ladder inside the ring, onto a ladder outside bridged between the ring apron and the crowd barrier. The ladder bent in half. The Ric Flair - Shawn Michaels contest was when the crowd was at its peak. Flair was clearly the fan favorite as HBK even drew some boo's. Michaels took a hard bump when he attempted a moonsault to the outside on Flair, who moved causing HBK to land - ribs first - on the edge of the announce table. It seems Michaels was hoping for the table to break completely but the edge stayed in tact. It looked like Michaels only lost his breath and wasn't seriously injured. They ended the match perfectly, with Flair yelling for HBK to just do it and the camera perfectly positioned to read HBK's lips as he mouthed, "I'm sorry. I love you," and then superkicked The Nature Boy and pinned him. One of my surprise goodies of the night was the Floyd Mayweather - Big Show matchup. Mayweather actually took some pretty good bumps and was impressive considering WWE officials were worried that Floyd wasn't picking up the basics of wrestling. That was why the match was expanded to a no DQ contest, which allowed Mayweather to hit some decent chair shots and use brass knuckles to "knock out" Show with. I thought the Undertaker - Edge match was a little anti-climactic after the Mayweather fight and the Triple Threat match before that. The Batista - Umaga match was forgettable. I was happy to see Randy Orton retain the title. He is an excellent heel. Even the BunnyMania match was a little too drawn out, but you can never complain about too much eye candy. All in all, a good event.

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