Friday, March 21, 2008

Sitcom Madness!

The NCAA tournament kicked off yesterday with Duke escaping a loss to Belmont, OJ Mayo and USC knocked out, and Pittsburgh continuing their run. But that isn't the only big tournament going on, and no I'm not talking about the NIT. Mark La Monica and the gang at Pet Rock have created a 64-sitcom tournament to crown the greatest half-hour television show of all time. You can vote on that post and they'll be announcing the champion on April 9th. An interesting final would be Seinfeld v. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Either way Larry David wins! Just like the real "Big Dance," there are plenty of snubs. How are shows like Saved by the Bell, Taxi, the Odd Couple and the Jetsons not in? And as much as I like Arrested Development, it was only on for a few seasons but yet still makes the field of 64. Add that in with Full House's favorable #8 seed and there's plenty of room for discussion. If you're like me and crazy about brackets this time of year, be sure to keep your eyes on Sitcom Madness.

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