Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raiders Keep Beefing Up the Secondary

Apparently the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants are officially out of the DeAngelo Hall trade market. That's because is reporting Hall is on his way to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for their 2008 second-round draft choice. The G-Men were balking at trading for Hall because of his contract demands. According to "the Worldwide Leader," the deal is a six-year, $57 million package with $20 million guaranteed. Early on, some said that the Giants 1st round draft pick, the 31st overall, wouldn't be enough on its own to pry Hall loose from Atlanta. Apparently Arthur Blank wanted him out badly, settling for Oakland's pick, 34th overall. It's a good trade for the Falcons. It will give them the 34th and 37th picks, which are early enough in the second-round to still be meaningful. The extra pick will help them stack up on bodies and Hall was threatening to sit out if they kept him. It's a win-win situation because he wasn't going to play for Atlanta. As for Oakland, they keep improving the secondary, adding Hall with Gibril Wilson, whom they signed from the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. This move is probably a good thing for the G-Men. Now that DeAngelo is off the market, there is no risk of him coming into New York and that locker room, full of coach-loving players, and disrupting the chemistry. The Giants, though, coould still use an upgrade to their secondary.

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