Monday, March 10, 2008

Gus Frerotte! Remember This?

The Giants backup quarterback search continues with the team set to bring in David Carr for a visit. As was pointed out to me earlier by my father, Gary, this move doesn't make a lot of sense for the Super Bowl Champions because he isn't much of an upgrade over Anthony Wright. He also hasn't done anything that impressive in his career, unless getting sacked is a good thing. The Giants are more in the market for a veteran quarterback who can come in right away, if needed, and hold the offense together. Something like Todd Collins gave the Redskins this year. That got me to thinking of other QB options on the open market. Some names that popped into my head were Tim Rattay, the ageless Vinny Testaverde or Gus Frerotte. And that got me to thinking of the time Frerotte rammed his head into the wall at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium while celebrating a touchdown. Unfortunately the video has been taken off YouTube and it can't be found in internet searches. So this link to an article from the November 24, 1997, Washington Post about the incident will have to do. (Image courtesy