Sunday, March 9, 2008

Everybody Hurts...Sometimes

Everybody seems shocked that Brett Favre might turn down offers to be a television analyst or do commercials and just fade away into the sunset and relax. Mostly it's because of Favre's winning personality and popularity. I really don't see what the big deal is though.
If the guy two cubicles over from you at your job retires, do you expect to see him showing up every day at the office after that, chumming it up with your co-workers? Or, better yet, coming back and analyzing your work? Probably not. And that's what Favre is doing. When you lose the passion to play the game, you would probably want to stay away from it for a while.
It's almost like if you and your girlfriend/boyfriend just get to the end of the road. You know you still love each other, but the "spark" is gone. So you part ways because it's for the best, but inside you know that you really still want to be together. In that situation, would you want to sit in a booth watching your ex running around, playing the field right in front of you? And then you have to talk about it.
No thanks.
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