Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dolan Seeing the Light?

ESPN was the first to report it and Alan Hahn is writing it in Tuesday's print edition of Newsday. According to sources, the Knicks are believed to have hired Donnie Walsh to run the team, who just resigned today from the Indiana Pacers. As Hahn says, the "worldwide leader" is even reporting that the deal is in the 3-year, $15-million range. If all of this is true, it's a great thing for this now-disgraced Knicks franchise. I say that mostly because anything is better than what Isiah has done. Walsh, though, had some excellent Pacer teams during his tenure and many think that the last few years of despair have been more Larry Bird's fault than Walsh's. They believe he is still able to run a winning franchise. But this isn't Indiana. In New York, Walsh is always going to feel the pressure. But after the recent seasons, and presumably with the mastermind behind that whole debacle gone, Knicks fans will hopefully be a little more understanding that it's going to take a few years to right this ship. With the small-talent players with big-money contracts that make up the current Knickerbocker roster, it will be hard to quickly fix the awful situation that surrounds Madison Square Garden. The good news is that finally James Dolan seems to be listening to the crowds at MSG. He never saw them; he hardly goes to games. Really, though, can you blame him?

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