Monday, March 17, 2008

Crystal is a Thief, Davidoff is a Hater

I know from time to time I tend to show bias in my opinions. Even the best writers and analysts do it. (See: Mike Lupica, Chris Russo, Peter Gammons) But this article from Newsday's Ken Davidoff is absolutely ridiculous. It tells how Billy Crystal stole the line "Designated Hebrew" from the title of Ron Blomberg's 2006 autobiography. Even if the article has a valid point, why is Davidoff re-hashing this on March 16th, three days after Crystal appeared in the Yankees spring training contest against the Pirates and said the line? Is Davidoff this desperate for a story? I'm not saying that there have never been articles written that bash the Mets for no reason, but this one is clearly just a writer who hates the Yankees spewing venom. And then to throw a shot in at Derek Jeter not asking the fans to go easy on A-Rod shows just how low Davidoff will go. And besides, Chris Corcoran over at "Bronx Banter" already got on Mr. Saturday Night for swiping the joke, and wrote the post the day it happened, not half a week later. As you'll notice from the title of the article, "Crystal's one liner stolen brom Ron Blomberg," Ken Davidoff also must not have spell-check.

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