Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Countdown to WrestleMania Begins!

I've already devoted more time on this blog to WrestleMania than the NCAA Tournament but if you know me, you know I'm a closet wrestling fanatic. I don't follow it too closely anymore but in my youth, I was a wrestling nut. One of my fondest memories is waking up on Christmas Day 1990 to the WWF Hasbro Wrestling Ring and a set of action figures. In fact, in 1999 I started The Wrestling Cafe, an internet wrestling website in the vein of today's and The site gained modest popularity but high school work getting harder combined with girl-chasing and sports-playing rendered the Cafe dead. Back to the present. WrestleMania XXIV is tonight at 7PM on pay-per-view. For Binghamton viewers, it looks like Time Warner Cable is actually going to be offering this broadcast in HD. I can tie this all in to sports, too, thanks to Floyd Mayweather's match against The Big Show on tonight's card. The mainstream media, especially ESPN, has been killing "Pretty Boy" Floyd for his decision, mocking him constantly on SportsCenter and the like, and bashing wrestling at every chance they get. Sure, the outcomes are predetermined and a lot of the story lines are silly, but these wrestlers are still tremendous athletes performing feats that would put some in the other real sports to shame. Can you honestly try to tell me that John Daly is more athletic than Triple H? How about a race between Jerome James and The Great Khali, who would win? Okay that might be cheating since James would probably come up lame with an injury after the first few steps, but you get the point. It's entertainment, and no sillier than following a television show like you really know the characters. The only difference between a TV drama and wrestling is that wrestling is live. And you can argue that wrestling has better acting. Anyway, enough of the soliloquy. I'll be watching WMXXIV tonight, whether you think it's silly or not. So to get myself, and the rest of you, prepared, here's tonight's card from

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