Friday, March 7, 2008

Bob Glauber's First Take of TONYBLOGS

I already was a huge fan of Newsday's Bob Glauber. I read his blog frequently and love watching him on ESPN's First Take. But my BG fanhood went through the roof when, this morning, I saw that Mr. Glauber himself responded to a comment I posted on his blog about the Giants potentially signing Takeo Spikes. Not only did Bob swing by to check out this very blog, he also posted a comment on his own blog complimenting this one. You can check it out right here. Yes, this is me bragging. Bob also quickly followed up with a post of his own about why the Super Bowl Champion Giants won't sign TKO. And he's right. I think the Giants would still bite if the price was reasonable; maybe up to $4 million per on a one- or two-year deal. But it's not likely.
Thanks to Bob for taking a look at the blog. It's writers like him that "writers" like myself strive to be.

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