Sunday, March 9, 2008

Binghamton Natives Unite

Christopher Byrne is a former Binghamton native who now lives in Athens, Georgia. He conducted an e-mail interview with WBNG's Brendan O'Reilly who I referenced in an earlier post. If you didn't see the link in the comments section to the story by Byrne, here it is. Thanks Christopher!

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Christopher Byrne said...

Hey Tony,

Thanks for the shout out and link!

I sometimes think of Athens as the Binghamton of the south.

Former U-E Baseball Star Brian Jester is Director of Baseball Operations for the University of Georgia Baseball Team (he was a starter on their 1990 National Championship team).

One of the big bands down here is Five Eight. The band is led by SUNY B grad Mike Mantione, with Endicott native Mike Rizzi on Drums and Binghamton native Dan Horowitz on Bass.

Pat DePaulo and his brother, both from Endicott/Endwell, own a tavern downtown, as well as liquor store.

Another person, I cannot remember his name, owns a car wash here, and I am always running into people from the southern tier. Just two weeks ago, I met Alan Katz and his family at Church. He has just taken the job of Director of Finance and Business Services for the technology services office of UGA (he used to work for BU, BCC and Cornell).

See why I think of Athens as the Binghamton of the South sometimes?:-)