Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Binghamton Hits the Big Time

This has already been reported by several outlets including but since I live and work in Binghamton, NY, I figured I should try to spread the word about this one too. WBNG-TV's Brendan O'Reilly recently posted on his blog a critique of ESPN after the "Worldwide Leader" nagged him about video from the Cornell men's basketball game where they clinched the Ivy League title and then subsequently gave credit to Binghamton's Channel 12 by putting "WBNG" in a font so small that it looked like a thin white line. Sure, in the post O'Reilly seems bitter and as though he applied to ESPN and didn't get hired, but it's always nice to see other people bash the folks in Bristol as I so often do. It's not that I don't like ESPN. I like a lot of the personalities they have (see: Erin Andrews, Scott Van Pelt, Stephen A. Smith, etc.) but they can really beat a story to death. When you think about it, ESPN is really the only network making a huge stink about the Clemens/McNamee feud every single day. And in case you missed it, yesterday the network became FSPN after Brett Favre announced his retirement. The Favre Sports Programming Network showed non-stop coverage and even dedicated a "bottom line" category exclusively to Favre, just like the one they had previously ran dedicated exclusively to Roger Clemens. Even John Buccigross this morning referred to the network's daily highlight show as "BrettCenter." And why couldn't ESPN, the juggernaut media mogul of the sporting industry, hire a freelance camera person to go to Ithaca and take some video of the Cornell victory? Now let's see if any other media outlets (cough cough) pick up this story and run with it.