Friday, March 14, 2008

Billy Crystal Struck Out; What's the Big Deal?

Bill Madden of The Daily News has an absolutely stupid article today saying that even Bill Veeck is laughing at the Yankees for letting Billy Crystal get an at-bat in spring training. Yes, the Bill Veeck who let a 3'7" player bat in a regular season game. Trying to justify his point, Madden drops this piece of idiocy: "After all, who were Veeck's staunchest critics when he held forth as baseball's resident Barnum and establishment-tweaker in four different ownerships stints with the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns and Chicago White Sox from the '40s into the '80s? And who more than the Yankees viewed Veeck, who died in 1986, as a disgrace and embarrassment to baseball for his numerous attendance-boosting gimmicks, most notably sending a 3-foot-7 midget, Eddie Gaedel, to the plate for the Browns against the Detroit Tigers in the second game of an Aug. 19, 1951 doubleheader?" Yes, Bill, the Yankees hated that stuff that happened 50 years ago but that's the point - it was 50 years ago. Get over it, Bill, and yourself while you're at it. Everybody, especially ESPN, spewed venom at the Yankees for doing something that lots of teams have done. (See: Garth Brooks, Kevin Costner, Tom Selleck) ESPN, though, didn't think it was a "shame for the game" after they scored an interview with Robin Williams on yesterday's SportsCenter about it. The only thing ESPN likes more than beating a story to death is showcasing celebrities. Was anyone up in arms when "the worldwide leader" had Will Ferrell on to promote his movie, Semi-Pro, and was analyzing clips and haircuts? How ridiculous is that? But that's okay because whenever the Yankees do anything, they are in the wrong. As Mike Greenberg said yesterday on Mike & Mike in the Morning, also on ESPN, all the people that were angry about this Billy Crystal thing were taking the game of baseball and themselves WAY too seriously.

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