Sunday, March 2, 2008

Are There Taxes in Red Sox Nation too?

Maybe Hank Steinbrenner shouldn't have shot his mouth off about the Red Sox and their beloved "nation." And Red Sox owner John Henry shot back, saying he would induct Hollerin' Hank into Red Sox Nation. So then I did some research. You have to pay to be in Red Sox Nation. That's because in 2005 the team began offering "official citizenship" in the Nation for a fee. You even get a really cheesy "Nation Membership Card" that you can put in your wallet behind your Visa and your Carlton Fisk card that you creepily carry around. This year, they're offering three different levels of membership. A really excellent way to increase battles over fanhood for the Chowderheads. There's the low-level Fan Pack (you must not really like them that much) for $14.95, the Ultimate Fan Pack (you like the team but don't quite hate the Yankees enough) for $109.95, and the Monster Pack (finally, you've proven your fanhood through monetary expression, not love or devotion like most teams) for a whopping $245.95. I'd rather just prove my love for a team by following them closely and rooting for them as hard as I can, then watch as they grow into Super Bowl XLII Champion New York Giants. I know the 26-time World Series Champion New York Yankees would be more appropriate, but I just love writing Super Bowl XLII Champion New York Giants.