Friday, March 21, 2008

$40,000 Isn't a Stipend, it's an Annual Salary

I'm probably, like the mainstream media, going to put this Red Sox v. MLB thing to bed soon but I have to chime in quickly with some more support for my case. If you didn't see it in the comments section of my earlier "The Noble Red Sox" post, my father, Gary a.k.a. Gaaaaaarrry, sent along Buster Olney's opinion of the whole debacle. Again, I'm making way more of this than needs to be but you aren't going to see this kind of commentary on the mainstream outlets. It's not just because ESPN loves the Red Sox, or Peter Gammons is their number one analyst and also the most popular member of the now-commercialized "Red Sox Nation." It's because the story is being portrayed as a united stand to help others, which it was, but it's not as though the Red Sox were going to boycott if MLB didn't give money to starving, dying children. They were boycotting so the people who are already getting their whole trip paid for and a large salary on top of it wanted more. The A's, who everyone seemed to forget was also a part of the Japan trip, chose to handle it in-house. In 2004, the Yankees and Rays were given money to distribute evenly as they saw fit. This is the third time the MLB has had a season-opening tour of Japan and we've never heard anything about money. The Red Sox organization had the responsibility to take care of the coaches when negotiating the terms. They didn't realize the coaches weren't getting paid until the days leading up to the game? Basically the Sox made an error in planning when they discussed the terms and then to make it better decided to not accept the responsibility but force the league to repair it.

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